Cloud for customer Payments implementation and support FIN-CCP

Cloud for Customer Payment is the successor of Billerdirect within SAP FSCM portfolio. It is a Customer facing portal which enables customers to perform Account Receivables self Service such as payment, customer account statements, Dispute Management, copy invoice and more. FSCM Factory has extensive experience in setting up and modifying Cloud For Customer Payments on a global scale.

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management implementation and support FIN-FSCM

The speciality of FSCM Factory and we have extensive knowledge of all FSCM Modules:

FSCM Factory can help your business from fresh greenfield implementations to improvement programs helping you in all aspects of the implementation from change management to ABAP support including Full design services and functional support.

SAP Cloud for Credit Agency integration implementation and support

Credit Agency data automation and integration is a hot topic for a lot of companies in the current financial climate and FSCM factory specialises in setting the SAP Cloud service for Credit Agency up its multinational customers in various industries. This is not limited to just the App implementation but also extends to how the credit agency data can then be used to automate credit scoring and credit limit calculations.

Credit Management migration in preparation for S4 Hana technical upgrade

One of the prerequisites for a technical upgrade from ECC 6.x to S4 Hana is having your Credit Management functionality implemented with the FSCM version of Credit management. The old version of SAP Credit Management FI-AR-CR is not compatible with a technical upgrade to S4 Hana. FSCM Factory has extensive specialist know ledge and experience in defining and running preparation project trajects to help your business upgrade to FSCM Credit Management in time and ahead of your S4 Hana technical upgrade program.

SAP Business Rule Framework (BRF+) Design and development

BRF+ is a highly sophisticated functionality which can be used to automate decision making within all SAP Processes. It uses decision trees and tables, can support complicated formulas using any data from a SAP or other backend system to deliver fully integrated decision making on risk analysis, business workflow, vendor selection and more.

One of the outstanding benefits of BRF+ is that it does not require ABAP skills and generates the coding which can then be used in various SAP standard processes to enhance and deliver fast automated decisions on workflows, credit scoring, supplier selection, invoice & payment matching and more.

FSCM Factory has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building data driven decision making automated for todays complex and fast moving world of business.

SAP Fiori Apps implementation & development

The use of Fiori Apps to replace the classic SAP GUI (graphical user interface) is rapidly gaining popularity and offers full mobile functionality as a desired characteristic in today’s working world.

FSCM factory can help your company on the path to moving from the classic SAP Client GUI to a full fletched Fiori App driven GUI. This can focus on making best use of all the standard SAP Fiori apps available but FSCM Factory also offers full support in designing, developing and implementing new Fiori apps for custom workflow or any other applications potentially using the SAP Business Framework Engine or SAP Cloud Build Process Automation